The Company

In 1998, Mauro Silva established the company Organizações Biscana – Comércio e Representações Unipessoal, Lda. His perseverance and ambition dictated the upward tendency not only of the company´s sales but also of the number of employees. Biscana currently has a team of about 40 young and dynamic employees, with ages ranging from 18 to 49. Biscana´s mission is the sale of TH Clothes and other represented brand whose quality is nationally and internationally recognised. The ethical values of Biscana prioritize the protection of our clients. Therefore, we do not customize or sell to final customers. In this way we safeguard our clients businesses (customization and/or resale).

Our Values

The economic and organizational growth of TH Clothes is based on very solid values which reflect the principal morals shared by all our employees.





These values are the driving force by which we are governed, the basis of all our present and future decisions in regards to our Mission and our strategic vision.