TH Clothes is a brand owned by Organizações Biscana, whose head office is in the central region of Portugal, more specifically in Batalha. This began its journey in 2006, and appears on the market with a clear objective, that of filling the need to provide certified quality products at a fair price. The years that followed, namely between 2010 and 2015, reflected an exponential growth of the brand in the Portuguese market, as a result of the clear commitment to the development of new products with added value for its customers, and consequently, the internationalization of the brand, which to be represented in 12 countries in Europe.


TH Clothes is committed to offering customers a strong and up-to-date collection, maintaining the quality standards for which it was established in the national market, honoring the weight of tradition and building lasting relationships with customers, employees and suppliers.


Contribute to the expansion and dissemination of a 100% Portuguese brand in international markets. To be the first Portuguese brand specialized in promotional clothing to succeed in the international market.

Brand Strategy

TH Clothes wants to project an image of quality, design and competitiveness, maintaining the integrity that defines it and structuring relationships with our customers. Our challenge is to publicize TH Clothes in order to export the brand as a lifestyle.

Philosophy and Values

TH Clothes' philosophy is work, done with passion and dedication. At the company, preserving the values of rigor and quality is the basis that sustains all the steps we take. We promote teamwork, commitment and responsibility. At TH Clothes, all elements are important and fundamental for us to achieve our objective.


Promotional Video

In this corporate video, we invite you to discover the values that guide us, the talented team behind our success, and the innovative solutions we offer, always striving to exceed our customers' expectations.



It is the quality of those who act with simplicity, a characteristic of people who know how to assume their responsibilities, without arrogance, arrogance or arrogance.


We act on our own initiative, with corporate responsibility, and we fight for our goals with determination.


In the products we place on the market, guaranteeing the trust of partners and consumers.


We act prudently and responsibly for the benefit of society and the environment.