The general conditions of sale govern all orders, samples, complaints, and payment of the products commercialized by Organizações Biscana, Lda (hereinafter referred to as “Biscana”).

These conditions have been elaborated in accordance with current legislation.

The term “Products” comprises all products and articles commercialized by Biscana. The term “Buyer” designates any customer and or potential customer who manifests de intention of purchasing the offered products.

Any order implies the full and unconditional acceptance of the general conditions of sale.

1) Orders


Biscana will only proceed with orders that are placed in writing: Via fax (+351 244 769 509); via e-mail ( or via website

If the Buyer decides to place orders without a written record (by telephone, for example), Biscana will not accept any charges with errors resulting from such orders.

The products available on the TH Clothes website have a limited stock so they may be unavailable without notice.

Biscana reserves the right not to provide orders, whose quantities jeopardize the satisfaction of the normal requirements of the commercial operation of the latter, namely the maintenance of its security stocks or the needs of its own consumption.

In such cases, Biscana will inform the Buyer of the total or partial cancellation of the order in question.

Biscana reserves the right not to accept orders if the buyer’s financial situation is not regularized or it is not possible to proceed with effective collection of payment.

Whenever there are payment agreements in progress for documents that have already expired, Biscana reserves the right to suspend the sending of new orders. If there is authorization from the financial department to proceed with new shipments, they will be sent upon prior payment without the right to any prior payment discount.

The order is processed on the day it is received and once accepted by Biscana, no order can be cancelled by the buyer, without mutual consent given in writing by Biscana.

All Buyers are subject to a credit analysis that can extend the delivery time of the first purchase order.

Biscana reserves the right not to accept orders whenever the Buyer's classification of economic activities is not associated with the resale. Biscana acknowledges a tolerance of more or less 5% in sizes and g/m² of its goods


2) Delivery Dates

Delivery date is between 3 to 5 working days after the acceptance of the order, for 10 volumes.

For superior quantities the delivery date is between 8 to 10 working days. In case of not having stock, Biscana reserves the right to extend the delivery deadline subject to its supplier’s delivery dates.

The delivery date is merely indicative and not guaranteed. The date corresponds to the expected date of the delivery of the goods in Biscana, ready to send to the buyer.

Biscana can in no way be held liable for delays of the delivery of goods due to service failures of third parties, namely suppliers, transport companies or any other force majeure event.

3) Transport Conditions


There is a fixed transport cost of 18€ for orders up to 500€. Above 500€, transport is free.

This value does not include customs clearance rates depending on the country of destination for non-EU markets.

The costs of any occurrence during transportation (closed facilities; refused order; incorrect address or others) and/or modifications to delivery address without previous agreement, will be charged to the buyer, according to the number of dispatches.

It is the buyers’ responsibility to check the quality as well as the quantities delivered.

4) Payment Methods

  • Prior bank transfer - 2% discount on all orders payed by prior bank transfer and payment proof sent to;
  • Current account in up to 30 days;
  • Credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro): aditional fee of 1,25% upon the value of the order.

To open a current account:

Subject to credit analysis and supported by the attribution of a credit line with limit defined by Biscana.

If the credit line limit is exceeded, Biscana is entitled to demand payment in advance.

Payment of the current account will be at a maximum payment deadline of 30 days.

In case the payments agreed to are not paid on the due dates and there is a justified fear of insolvency, Biscana reserves the right to demand additional guarantees and to modify the existing General Conditions of Sales.






International bank account number:

IBAN: PT50.0033.0000.00041699493.04


All bank charges and fees associated to payments shall borne by the buyer.

5) Returns and Complaints

Returns and complaints are detailed in our Returns Policy. (Returns Policy)

6) Reservation of Title

Biscana reserves its ownership of the goods title until full payment, in accordance with article nº 409 of the Código Civil Português (Portuguese Civil Code).

In the event of confiscation of the goods or business acquisition by a third party, the goods remain the property of Biscana until full payment of the price and additional costs.


7) Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

In the case of disagreement and/or litigation the General Conditions of Sale prevail and the sole competent authority is the Comarca de Porto de Mós (Judicial District of Porto de Mós), even if there are several defendants or third party proceedings.

8) Other Conditions

Any specific quotations should be placed via fax (+351 244 769 509) or via e-mail


9) Resolutive Clause

Non –compliance of any of the Conditions of Sales implies the delay and/or suspension of orders.

Prices may be altered without notice.

10) Global Recycled Standard (GRS) / Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)

The GRS/RCS certification, issued by the certifying body CITEVE, aims to track recycled raw materials from their origin.

It is possible to request a Transaction Certificate (TC) for certified items, and this request should be made at the time of order.

The costs for issuing the TC by the certifying body are borne by the buyer.