Aiming for a partnership of respect and trust, we have created our Returns Policy:

  1. Whenever you wish to return products purchased from Biscana you must notify us of your intention by contacting within a maximum of 15 (fifteen) working days after the reception of the goods. After this deadline the goods are considered as accepted.

  2. When the return request is placed, it must contain a delivery slip referring to the document accompanying the products of the shipment (ex: Invoice, Transportation Guide, etc.);

  3. All returns are subject to prior agreement with Biscana;

  4. Returns of products that do not meet the same conditions of conformity at the date of delivery to the Buyer (in particular products that have undergone any kind of processing or customization, damages, lack of original packaging and/or lack of conference when received at other addresses) are not accepted;

  5. Biscana does not accept responsibility for any damages and/or defects of products caused by acts of negligence by the Buyer and/or inappropriate use of the articles according to what is specified in the catalogue and/or the label of the article (washing instructions, conservation and/or personalization);

  6. In cases where the reason for the return is attributed exclusively to the Buyer, without cause and with total lack of responsibility of Biscana (ex: cancellation of the order), Biscana reserves the right to deduct from the Buyer 15% of the total value invoiced;

  7. In line with the policy of its suppliers, no order accepted by Biscana can be canceled, altered, exchanged or returned, unless previously agreed and formally confirmed in writing by the latter. In cases where the reason for the cancellation, alteration, exchange or return of the order is attributed exclusively to the Buyer, without just cause and with total absence of liability from Biscana, the latter reserves the right to be refunded by the buyer in 15% total value in the order form in question, in line with the policy of its suppliers.

  8. Returns or exchanges of Masks items are not accepted in cases where the reason is attributed exclusively to the Buyer, given the nature of the items and the context for which they were created (COVID-19 pandemic).

  9. In the case of the complaint/return not being the sole responsibility of Biscana, the direct costs will be supported by the buyer;
  10. Samples offered by Biscana cannot be returned nor refunded;

  11. All returned products must be in good commercial condition;

  12. The products received by Biscana which are not eligible for returns, must be withdrawn (within a maximum period of 15 (fifteen) working days) by our customers or alternatively they will be re- sent and the costs charged to our customers;

  13. Credits / substitutions shall only occur if all the articles that are to be credited / replaced are presented;

  14. All products covered by campaigns that explicitly state that returns are not accepted are not covered by this policy:

  15. We inform you that Run and Run Kids articles can only be exchanged under the following conditions:

    - The socks must be in perfect condition, with no signs of wear. -

    - The original packaging, consisting of the hook and informational card, must be completely intact.

    - These measures are to ensure the quality and integrity of the products we offer.

    - Therefore, we request careful verification of the condition of the socks and their packaging before making any exchange request.

  16. Returns that do not originate from Organizações Biscana are not accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Exchanges / Cancellations / Complaints of products also follow the Returns Policy.